Consumer, family and carer participation

Community engagement is a key principle underpinning the government’s ten-year strategic policy, Mental Health 2020: Making it personal and everybody’s business. The Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025 also recognises the importance of community engagement and the need to support consumers, families, and carers to be fully involved in co-planning, co-designing, co-delivery and co-reviewing policies and services.

The Commission recognises that consumers, their families, carers and community members are to be engaged as genuine partners at individual, service, system and strategic levels across Western Australia.

The Commission engages people across a variety of activities including:

  • Committees (steering, advisory, reference, working groups etc.);
  • Consultations, forums, focus groups and workshops;
  • Selection and recruitment panels; and
  • Special projects.

The Mental Health Commission has a policy which affirms the commitment of the MHC to working with consumers, families and carers.  The MHC policy enables remuneration to be offered to consumers, families and carers for their participation in MHC activities.

The Commission also collaborates with organisations including Consumers of Mental Health WACarers WAMental Health Matters 2Western Australian Substance Users AssociationHealth Consumers Council WA and Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies in the development of policy and best practice.

As recommended by key stakeholders, the Commission has started work to develop a Statewide consumer, family and carer engagement framework that that will outline best practice principles and practices in relation to consumer, family and carer involvement in the sector.

National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum

The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) is the combined national voice for consumers and carers participating in the development of mental health policy and sector development in Australia. Through its membership, the NMHCCF gives mental health consumers and carers the opportunity to meet, form partnerships and be involved in the development and implementation of mental health reform. 

Western Australian NMHCCF representatives are supported in their roles by the Mental Health Commission, Consumers for Mental Health WA, Helping Minds, Carers WA, and Mental Health Matters 2. More information about the work of the NMHCCF, including a list of representatives and how they can be contacted can be found here.

An Information Session for  Western Australian Representation on the National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum will be held on 1 March 2018.

Become an Associate of the MHC

Types of participation may include:

  • Provision of input to or feedback on specific issues or initiatives;
  • Co-chair or member of a committee or panel;
  • Writing, reviewing or evaluating reports, resources or articles, brochures, or newsletters;
  • Designing and facilitating a discussion group, activity or event;
  • Presenting as a guest speaker to provide consumer, family or carer perspective;
  • Participating in a local consumer consultation group;
  • Researching, consulting and networking with others to gain a wider or better understanding of the issue at hand; and
  • Working with the Commission to co-design and co-produce an activity or project.

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Consumer, Family and Carer Participation Keeping In Touch

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